What is DevOps

DevOps is a set of techniques that allows to automate processes between development teams and IT professionals so they can build, test and make software releases quicker and in more reliable way. The concept of DevOps in based on building a culture of cooperation between teams that traditionally worked separately. Among its advantages - the increased level of trust, faster software releases, rapid elimination of critical problems and readiness for unscheduled work.

DevOps is a culture, direction, philosophy

This is a strong partnership between development and operational teams with an emphasis on restructuring the way of thinking, more productive cooperation and closer integration. Agile-methodology, continuous delivery, automation is united in DevOps to improve the efficiency of teams, accelerate the introduction of innovations and create additional benefits from cooperation for organizations and customers.

DevOps is not:




prescribed process

How it works?

This relatively new philosophy in IT sphere is based on continuity with 4 basic principles:




Continuous testing
and quality control




Continuous feedback
and optimization

To achieve DevOps basic goals automation is used. It is also very important to standardize the development environment. Improved workflows are achieved through more efficient change tracking, document management and an established error reporting process that provides developers the tools for environment monitoring and understanding IT infrastructure as more software-oriented. DevOps methodology helps to achieve business goals in record time, reduces risks and improves the product quality. The continuity principle is observed in all its aspects and at all development stages and eliminates lack of interaction between developers, IT professionals and quality control engineers.

Any company can benefit from DevOps!

Who needs DevOps methodology?

The standard answer to this question will be companies that need to release new versions of their product very often. This is due to the fact that DevOps methodology contributes to the software development and delivery continuous process.

Complexities arise when insufficient attention is paid not only to how the product should be developed but also to the form in which it should be provided to the customer. When there is no attention to details, DevOps can be a rescue.

Applying to DevOps principles can be a profitable solution for any project, but in case of complex projects their profitability and success often depend on right application of this methodology. The more components they have to integrate (for example, in case of large enterprises systems with many modules that must function as a single unit) the more benefits they can get using DevOps.

Startups also can find DevOps methodology profitable because it is better than others can help to reduce costs and accelerate a development of a quality product. This will help to enter the market at the right time.

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