Why do you need DevOps?

Have you ever thought about how to make the way you work more productive, but do not know how to do it or how to demonstrate the results?

Using the integration and interaction of developers and specialists responsible for information and technical services, you can surpass your competitors in dozens, if not hundreds of times. There are three busyness advantages, that organizations gain from a transition to DevOps: fast market entry (e.g. shorter times of cycles and faster deployment rates), improved quality (increased availability, fewer failures, etc.), and increase in organizational efficiency (for example more time is spent on activities associated with increasing the value of the product, increasing the number of features delivered to customer).

The customer sees the evolution of the product or service in real time and always knows the stage of readiness of the product.

He can better assess the quality of services and in case of misunderstandings - easily eliminate them. With this approach problems are detected at early stages of appearance; thus they can be solved before the negative effect of them spreads like a virus. The ultimate goal is to help to create an extremely adaptive and seamless architecture for the evelopment and maintenance of the production system.
The task of DevOps is to understand and see the system as one whole and act according to synergistic interests of it.

Advantages of our
DevOps services


and data

Minimizes time and effort
for error

Better usability increases customer satisfaction

infrastructure cost


No downtime
in case
of changes

DevOps General Integration Services

DexContact helps to improve the development and deployment of applications, getting rid of isolated storage points in the organizational infrastructure. With their help, you can automate software testing, optimize the management of its versions, and increase the responsiveness of the software development life cycle through proven methodologies.

DevOps methodology implementing and supporting without specialists’ help is a complex case and there is a possibility that in this way you will not be able to get benefits from DevOps in full.

Our professionals employ DevOps in accordance with the best modern methods and offer high-quality support for the services provided. Thus, you can be sure that you will get the most tangible benefit from this practice.

Involving our specialists is a brilliant idea in order to start thinking and acting in DevOps paradigm without spending a lot of time and money on it. Working in the same team with you our specialists create a synergy between development and operation teams and help your company focus on what is most important for you - the main company activity.

DexContact is actively implementing DevOps methodology, offering general integration and consulting services:

Continuous Integration (CI)/ Continuous Delivery (CD)

Our DevOps specialists configures Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery based on Jenkins / Hudson using control mechanisms such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet. This improves the quality of the software and shortens the delivery time. As a result, our specialists can use various modules including Docker containers for repositories based on Nexus or Artifactory. For automatic infrastructure and application deployment we use Infrastructure-as-a-Code approach.

DevOps Automation

After checking the existing settings and creating the ideal workflows we customize and automate your current work plan. By automating the continuous operation process, we prevent risks and increase productivity using reliable open source systems and licensed tools.

DevOps Implementation Process

The implementation process in our company

guarantees an exceptional quality
of developed products

provides transparency
of the entire process

gives the customer a full control
over his budget

Performing the development process audit

Roadmap from
“as is” into “to be”

Implementing tools and changing processes

Development processes improvement

As a result you get:

Time to Market

Time to market reduction through the pipeline development use

Development Team Productivity

High system’s stability in use. Changes are 100% tested and affect productivity predictably

Risk Reduction

Increase the team effectiveness

Fault Tolerance

Reduce costs by automating frequent testing iterations in the early development stages

DevOps Consulting Services

Term "DevOps" is relatively new and the majority of people have no idea what they mean.

DexContact team is ready to improve your comprehension of the intricacies of DevOps with our consulting services.

Our professionals are highly experienced to help you solve complex problems related with DevOps:

DevOps Virtualization

Virtualization service will help to create a new virtual service that replicates the live service. The requests and responses from virtual service will simulate the live service. This will help testing teams to test early in the development life and they need not wait till the application development is complete. Different project teams will work on different components and assemble to integrate them into one.

With Service Virtualization:

  • Remove the dependency between developers and testers allowing them to work independently in parallel to each other. This helps teams to deliver applications faster.
  • Reduce testing life cycles and cut costs that will help in ROI for a project.
  • The environment will be stabilized and defects can be identified in earlier stages of process, which will lead towards a higher quality outcome.
Additional Features

We help expand DevOps capabilities to consider all your projects specifics


The key to success while implementing DevOps practices is to measure the impact on your systems and on your digital business. Following are a few important tools and platforms that we use for DevOps Implementation:


Jenkins, Hudson,
TeamCity, Travis

Configuration Management

Chef, Puppet Labs,

Compute Virtualization

VMWare, Docker, AWS, OpenStack


Delphix, OpenZFS,

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